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How to upload syllabi

Office of Academic Affaris


1. How to Save as a PDF.pdf1. How to Save as a PDF.pdf

2.  How to Login.pdf2. How to Login.pdf

3.  How to Upload a File.pdf3. How to Upload a File.pdf

4.  How to Verify Uploaded Document.pdf4. How to Verify Uploaded Document.pdf

How to save your syllabus

Step 1

Before uploading save your syllabus as a PDF document (located on your computer), using the following naming convention. Your discipline, then the class number, the four-digit section number, and your last name.  (If your last name is a common one, you are encouraged to include your first initial.)  For example, if you are teaching Art 101, Section 1234, and your last name is Chris Jones, the name of your file should be ART101-1234-JonesC-SEMESTER-YEAR.pdf.
*if you teach multiple sections that use the same syllabus then identify the section numbers in the name ART101-1234-5678-9101-JonesC-Spring-2016.pdf) *Please use CAPS and no Spaces, for the file name, except when it comes to the Instructor name)

Step 2

If you are not already logged into the SharePoint site click on the link "Sign In" located on the upper right of this page. Use your network username and password.
IMPORTANT: When off campus type "lavc-domain\" before your user name in the "User Name:" field of the login window.
login screen

Step 3

When your logged in go to the Faculty upload page.

Step 4

Click the add documentbutton.
The Upload Document dialog box will open. Click the browse button and select your document. Then click "OK".

You will then be presented with another dialog box for the syllabus. Make sure to fill in the mandatory fields which are highlighted with a red asterisk. Note: Instructor's name format should be "last name, first name".
Click "Save"

Your syllabus should now be uploaded to the system.